Grief and Adversity Services

Grief Companion:  This service is helpful for those who have recently experienced a loss and are struggling with their normal  functioning due to grief.

The roots of the word companion are “com”, which means “with” and “pan”, which means “bread”.  So one way you can think of a companion is someone you can eat bread (or a meal) with.  As a grief companion, I will be there for you to listen to your grief story without judgment.  In order for the brain to process grief, the grief story often needs to be told again and again.  I will also help you to manage the struggles with managing everyday functions that are impacted by grief.

With the Grief Companion service, the sessions are for 1/2 an hour (the first session will be longer as you share about your grief experience and we become acquainted) and you can pay for an individual session, or for several sessions at a lesser price.  You may schedule sessions weekly, or if you would rather, I will try to be available for you if you feel that more than one session per week would be helpful during difficult times.

To work with me as a Grief Companion, click here.

Grief and Adversity Coaching:  This service is best for those who are functioning fairly well with their grief or adversity and are wanting to make goals for creating a fulfilling and meaningful life.  When a person experiences a loss or difficult trial, it can feel that life has lost it’s meaning.  I can work with you to help you find meaning in your loss or trial, as well as happiness and personal growth.

The Grief and Adversity Coaching service sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.  Sessions can be purchased individually or in bundles.

To work with me as a Grief or Adversity Coach, click here.

Grief and the Holidays:  The holidays are often difficult times for those who are grieving.  I have created a couple of resources to help those who are grieving to prepare for the holidays:

  • Grief and the Holidays structured coaching sessions:  There will be three sessions to help you cope with holiday grief triggers, create new traditions that help you remember your loved one, and formulate a holiday plan.  I am offering a discount during the months of November and December for this service.  Click here if interested.
  • Grief and the Holidays mini course:  I am offering this course for free as a holiday gift from me.  There are three sections that follow the same format as the coaching sessions above.  This course comes in a pdf format for you to print up and has areas for you to ponder and write about your thoughts and feelings.  You can fill out the form and make a selection here or click here and download the pdf file.