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  • Serving those who are grieving, experiencing adversity, and expanding their strengths through coaching and courses
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I am a unique resource for you because of my life experiences, personal strengths, education and training.

Life Experience: For those who are grieving and experiencing adversity, I have walked that path.  I lost my son to a rare cancer in 2009.  I have also lived through many years of ups and downs in our family life and have found that many of my dreams haven’t been fulfilled, but new avenues have developed that have brought me fulfillment and joy.

Personal Strengths: I am an empathic person and listen without judgment.  I also have a peaceful presence about me that often helps others to feel calmer when they interact with me.  I have a desire to help others develop and grow as they overcome challenges.

Education and Training: I have a B.S. degree in Marriage and Family Studies.  I am a Board Certified Coach, a Certified Family Life Coach – Expert and have training in grief coaching, creative grief support and strengths coaching.  I also have been trained as a grief peer mentor.

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Areas of service

  • Grief Companion

    I’m here for you when you need someone to listen to you talk about your grief with an empathic and non-judgmental heart

  • Grief Coaching

    I will help you to manage your grief difficulties and to set goals helping you to create a new and fulfilling future moving forward 

  • Strengths Coaching

    I will help you to understand and use your strengths to have improved relationships and performance as well as live authentically

  • Complimentary Courses

    These courses will help to improve your functioning and outcomes whether you are currently facing adversity or just improving your way of being

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Client Reviews

Melissa has been amazing, she empathetically listens, provides insight and useful coping tools that have helped me tremendously.  My loss was very sudden and tragic.  At a time when I felt so alone and lost in my grief, I found Melissa and she’s helped me find my strength and courage.  Grief is so complicated, confusing and messy, Melissa makes me feel comfortable sharing the rollercoaster of raw emotions with no judgement, loads of compassion and open ears.  I am truly lucky to have her help and guidance navigating through this journey and adjusting to this new normal world of mine.

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Melissa is a great listener and really helps you discover insights about your strengths that you wouldn’t know otherwise. Throughout the process of working with her, I became more confident with myself and my strengths, and I was able to grow my teamwork skills. After our conversations, I felt inspired and uplifted, and ready to conquer my problems. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to become a better person and discover their true potential.

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I highly recommend working with Melissa James.  When life seems overwhelming, she has a calm, reassuring demeanor that is particularly helpful in addressing adversity. She asks excellent questions to direct the focus to priorities and achievable goals.

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Melissa has been a great help to me. She has been instrumental in teaching me how to explore issues affecting my productivity and in helping me to organize those issues into to attainable goals. With her help, what were overwhelming projects now seem easily manageable.

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